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St. Louis Food Media Forum and Photoshelter Interview

I’m really excited to announce that I’m going to be a speaker at this summer’s St. Louis Food Media Forum (July 28th to 29th, 2012). I’m going to be spending an hour on Sunday morning talking about lighting and white balance in food photography. I’m still working on the specifics of what I’m going to […]

Organic Garlic

Organic Garlic

My schedule has continued to be a bit crazy lately, although almost everything that has been keeping me busy has been exciting and fun. There is still a lot to do in the loft and then of course there is the pesky task of running a photography business. Earning a living really eats up your […]

In Transition

In Transition

In most of my moves from apartment to apartment over the years, I’ve usually had to move out of one space and into the next in the same day. This time around, since we closed on our loft last week, I’m in this transition period between two spaces. Over the last few days I have […]

New Space

New Space

Just a quick update and an iPhone shot of our new space, sans furniture except for a couple of rickety chairs that came with the loft. We are super excited to be moving into the space in a few days (after some intense cleaning etc). It’s such a weird feeling to be a homeowner. The […]

Open Letter to Dried Beans

Dear Dried Beans, You and I, dried beans, have had a long and occasionally rocky relationship. I initially purchased you by the bagful, full of hope that you would be so much better than your canned counterparts. You are cheaper, and you contain less sodium. You take up less shelf space in my kitchen and […]

Go Play

Hey. You. Yeah, you. Sitting there in front of your computer. Go outside today. It’s nice out (at least in St. Louis). Go find something fun to do. Like eating on an outdoor deck. Maybe with a margarita. Well, ok, it’s early, so maybe a coffee, THEN a margarita. If I had a garden I’d […]

Gratuitous Grand Canyon Photographs

Yes, while eveyone in St. Louis is drinking it up for Mardi Gras, I’m posting gratuitous travel porn from my south west road trip from a motel in Cortez, Colorado. It is decidedly NOT Mardi Gras here. Being the off season, the town of Cortez is a little on the dismal side. However, I am […]

Still Road Tripping

My southwest road trip with dad continues, we are now almost a week in. We are still in Yuma where I am currently mayor of the RV park that we are staying in (thank you Foursquare). We are having a great time. As a guy who has taken very few vacations in his adult life, […]

Road Trip: Two Days In

When I was planning my trip to Yuma with my dad, I had it all planned out. We would stop at small, family run roadside eateries and experience all of the best road food that the southwest had to offer. I would chat with the cooks in the kitchen while photographing their simple and honest […]

Heading West

There comes a point in any man’s life when he has to throw away all conventional wisdom and spend two weeks in the car with a family member. In my case, that family member is my dad. The two of us are headed out west this week on a roadtrip to see our relatives in […]

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