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I'm Back with Baguettes

I’m Back with Baguettes

On Friday I wrapped on the last shoot in a several week assignment that took me to Dallas, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Scottsdale and finally Silicon Valley. Before that another project had me on the road to DC, Raleigh, San Francisco, middle of nowhere Arkansas, and New York City. After the jet lag sorted itself […]

Warm Weather and Applesauce

Growing up in a household with a garden ruined my palette for lots of store bought foods and produce. And the funny thing is that for the most part I didn’t even know that everyone in the world didn’t have fresh vegetables for most meals and that they didn’t have home made strawberry jam in […]

Rustic Apple Pie

Rustic Apple Pie

Dr. Fiance and I aren’t doing Thanksgiving at home this year, and while I feel like I should be making something festive I’m certainly not going to practice making a turkey. At least not this year. So I decided that I might as well take a shot at making an American classic, the apple pie. […]

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