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Year One STL: Billy Goat Chip Company

Dr. Fiance and I moved to St. Louis on July 1, 2010. It is hard to believe that we are coming up on our first anniversary in Missouri. In honor of this first year I am going to be publishing a series of posts about the things that we have come to love about St. […]

Sneak Peak: Pickles Deli Downtown

As a downtown St. Louis resident I am a big fan of all of the new development that is happening here. We are getting more and more restaurants every day, and over the weekend I got a sneak peak at the new Pickles Deli which is opening up on the corner of 7th and Olive […]

National Mango Board Event at Monarch

Did you know that there is a National Mango Board? Neither did I until I was invited to a National Mango Board event. Not surprisingly, the National Mango Board is all about the promotion of … well … mangos. They are hosting a series of events around the U.S. to raise awareness of mangos and […]

Companion and Niche Blogging Event

Companion and Niche Blogging Event

It’s approaching 9pm last night and I’m in the kitchen attempting to saute shredded brussel sprouts while at the same time keeping an eye on my vegetable soup. This is made slightly difficult because I have the front of the stove half-way open so I can keep an eye on the bruschetta that I have […]

Five Reasons Smoking Bans are Awesome

In 2003, New York passed one of the strictest smoking bans in the country. The only place with harsher laws was California, and even then only by a slim margin. I was living in New York at the time, and back then I was also a smoker. One of the things that I used to […]

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